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Potter's Inn Soul Care Conversations

Feb 11, 2020


Most of you have heard of the Enneagram. You may have figured out your number and thought “yup, that’s me.” Recognizing your number is just the beginning of the journey, and today’s podcast will help you start that journey!

Kaylene talks with Doug and Adele Calhoun, founders of Calhoun Ministries, who wrote “Spiritual Rhythms for the Enneagram.” While they do give a basic intro to the Enneagram, this is a “What’s Next” discussion about how the Enneagram can help us grow in greater awareness and lead us to spiritual and relational transformation.


Adele and Doug Calhoun have served on the pastoral staff of four churches and are currently co-pastors of spiritual formation at Highrock Covenant Church in Arlington, Massachusetts. As certified Enneagram instructors, they enjoy resourcing spiritual leaders and pastors through spiritual direction and teaching the Enneagram.

Adele is the author of Spiritual Disciplines HandbookInvitations from God, and coauthor of True You. Doug is adjunct faculty at the Transforming Center and at Potter’s Inn Soul Care Institute, and he is board chair of Del Camino Connection.

Moment to Breathe - from Clinging by Emily Griffin

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